Matt Cardona Hates Canada, Wants To Wrestle PCO In GCW

Matt Cardona Hates Canada, Wants To Wrestle PCO In GCW

Matt Cardona explains why he doesn’t like Canada and puts down the gauntlet by challenging a Canadian wrestling hero.

Matt Cardona prides himself on wrestling all over the world, but one country he doesn’t like is Canada. In a new interview with Spencer Love of Love Wrestling, Matt Cardona explains why he doesn’t like the great white north.

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“I do! i hate canada I hate traveling to Canada. I hate wrestling in Canada. It’s a pain in the ass. The airports suck. There’s no good food this GCW show, I’m going to kick their ass and vent all my anger and frustration at being in Canada. I’ll take it out on them!”

When asked who he would like to face at the GCW event on March 19 in Canada, Matt Cardona named PCO.

“Not really. I mean, what’s special about GCW is whoever they throw at me, I make the best of it. An interesting match I think would be Matt Cardona vs a Canadian, PCO. Maybe in a GCW ring. I gotta beat him of course because i don’t lose. But yeah, it doesn’t really matter who I wrestle against. I always try to have the best match on the map. Listen, we’re not talking about star rating; pace of work fits. Me want people to feel the game. I want them to be invested. If I get through that curtain there’s no denying that people will be invested in the game. I mean, they hate me. I don’t know why , I’m a baby face!”

Elsewhere in this interview, Cardona spoke about his hit song “Hoeski” from his days as Zack Ryder. Fans can read more here.

Speaking of Zack Ryder, Matt Cardona recently trademarked his old ring name. Learn more about it here.