24 Hour Translation Affords Fast Service for Small Corporations

24 Hour Translation

Today’s companies have to operate in a global economy. Even if you work locally, there is a good chance that some of your employees or customers may speak other languages. You may even need medical or legal documents in other languages.

24 Hour Translation Services aims to help companies fill this gap. The company currently operates in Houston and Dallas. But their services can be beneficial to companies across the country. Even with automated options like Google Translate, this more personal option fulfills a very real need. Here’s What Small Businesses Should Know About The Business And The Importance Of Translation Services.

24-hour translation service

Sarah and Peter Detlef came up with the idea for 24-hour translation services about 20 years ago. As an Air Force veteran, Sarah spent most of her adult life in Germany, China, Russia, France, Scotland, and Central America. She holds multiple language degrees and teaches French, Spanish and German for the US Department of Defense. With a business and marketing background, Peter heads the end of the business for 24-hour translation services.

The company currently has two locations – one in Houston and one in Dallas. They mainly work with business clients in these cities. But they also help customers across the country and around the world. The team personally takes care of every client who needs translated documents or publications. And they offer translation services in a wide variety of languages. Basics such as Spanish, French and German are covered. But also more specialized languages ​​such as Hmong, Rwanda and various Kurdish dialects.

In addition, they offer notary services for official documents. And they can quickly turn time-sensitive translations around – sometimes in just one day.

Peter Detlef said in an email to Small Business Trends: “In every city we have a team of translators and a notary public who quickly provide certified translation services to companies and individuals who provide official translations of financial, medical, legal and other types of Need documents. ”

Why your company needs translation services

Every company’s translation needs are different. Some require training materials that have been translated for employees. Others need to translate presentations for clients. Some even require legal or medical documents translated when operating in other countries.

Peter Detlef adds: “The world is global and mobile. On a daily basis, local businesses hire non-English speaking employees, serve non-English speaking customers, shop at non-English speaking companies, and market goods and services in non-English speaking countries. On-site lawyers represent non-English-speaking clients and doctors treat non-English-speaking patients. You can understand how the need for translation services crosses all industries. We all need to communicate, but not everyone understands English, and some understand it only so well that they understand so incompletely that they confuse more than explain and offend more than they help. “

Translation prices

Because every document is different, the cost of each job is different. However, 24 hour translation services work hard to make sure their prices are clear and predictable.

Peter Detlef says: “While the price per word is different for each language, our price structure is pretty consistent. For example, if your document has 254 words and you need to translate it into Spanish, we charge $ 0.087 per word or $ 22.10. We do not charge credit card processing fees or other hidden fees. If your translation needs to be certified and notarized, the price is included. “

You can get a more detailed offer for your job on the company’s website. Just add your name, contact information, due date, language, and special instructions. You can then upload your document. And they will get back to you with an exact price.

Translation Services Vs. Google translator

Of course there are many automated translation services out there today. Many, including the popular Google Translate, are available for free. Some companies may wonder why they would pay for a service that they could theoretically get for free.

However, there is a significant difference in quality between Google Translate and 24-hour translation services. If you’ve ever used Google Translate, you’ll find that the words are sometimes jumbled up or don’t sound natural. This can work well for travelers who just need to give an idea to servers or waiters overseas. However, this is not enough for entire presentations or legal documents.

Peter Detlef explains: “In contrast to online software programs, human translators adapt to dialects, conventions and connotations in the national language. They also tailor the text to suit local culture, beliefs, and protocols – actions software cannot perform. “

When you work with 24-hour translation services, you basically get a complete document or publication that sounds natural. The words are not wrong. And they provide accurate translations that take into account language differences between languages.

Image: Depositphotos.com