A Woman Was Murdered After Rejecting Her Co-Worker’s Sexual Advances. ‘We Had No Indication Anything Was Awry,’ Her Boss Said.

A Woman Was Murdered After Rejecting Her Co-Worker's Sexual Advances. 'We Had No Indication Anything Was Awry,' Her Boss Said.

In a tragic case of fatal sexual harassment, 28-year-old Nicole Michelle Hammond was shot dead by a co-worker who allegedly sent her unwanted sexual advances. Prosecutors have charged Michael Jordan Carpenter, 36, with murder.

Hammond and Carpenter worked at Dubow Textiles in St. Cloud, Minnesota. At around 7 a.m. on October 24, police responded to an 911 call about a shooting in the company parking lot. When they arrived at the scene, they found Hammond lying on the ground next to their car. Officers attempted to revive her with CPR but were unsuccessful. She died at the scene.

An employee saw Carpenter approach the spot where a gunshot was heard. They then saw him run back to his car and drive away.

Upon searching Carpenter’s vehicle, police discovered a 9mm pistol with bullets that matched the cartridge cases found near Hammond’s body.

murder charge

Prosecutors have charged Carpenter with second-degree murder and said he made numerous unwanted sexual advances to Hammond over the past month.

Cell phone records revealed text messages between Hammond and Carpenter, sent just hours before her death, asking him not to “touch” her or “tamper with her.” She also asked him “not to make things awkward at work.”

Rob Dubow, the CEO of Dubow Textiles, told Fox9 News that unfortunately Hammond did not report the harassment to Human Resources.

ÔÇťAnytime something requires our intervention, we intervene. But in this case, we had no indication that anything went wrong,” Dubow said.

Recalling Hammond, he said: “Nicole always had a smile on her face. Everyone who had anything to do with Nicole couldn’t help but like her.”