Bond market says interest rate cut by July is pretty much a lock


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The latest interest-friendly inflation report from Canada has once again led markets to believe that the Bank of Canada may begin cutting interest rates on June 5.

And we're not talking about a Lloyd Christmas-style probability here, but a solid 55 percent – higher than an everyday coin toss, if you believe the implicit interest rates in the bond market.

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The ever-volatile bond market suggests a rate cut is all but certain by July. But be prepared for the unexpected, as the Bank of Canada will receive a lot of data—including two more inflation reports—before it makes its next rate decision.

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There were two notable changes in the mortgage market this week. The lowest nationally advertised five-year insured fixed rate fell a whopping 10 basis points to 4.59 percent at Citadel Mortgages. More interestingly, the lowest advertised uninsured variable rate fell a whopping 41 basis points to 6.29 percent.

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As always, compare prices. Regional lenders in some provinces offer even lower variable interest rates, such as 6.15 percent at Butler Mortgage – for mortgages over $1 million, the rate drops to 6.05 percent.

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