Danny Green finally getting 2019 Raptors Championship ring after almost 1030 days

Danny Green finally getting 2019 Raptors Championship ring after almost 1030 days

Former Raptors champion and well-documented Torontophile Danny Green is back in town after a long absence from his former home. Green is now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers and has won three NBA championships, but he only has two rings.

That all changes Thursday night with a long overdue ring ceremony before the Raptors host the 76ers at Scotiabank Arena.

It took Green a long time to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers after his Finals win as a Raptor and win another championship with LeBron James and co. before signing with the 76ers in 2020.

But due to COVID-19, the NBA bubble season and the Raptors’ subsequent disaster of a season played in Florida, Green has still not been paid by Toronto fans and is the last on the 2019 roster awaiting his championship ring.

Do you remember Danny Green?

The former Toronto Raptors guard is expected to finally receive his 2019 championship ring today.

He is the last of the 2019 Raptors team to get his ring. #WeTheNorth @DGreen_14 pic.twitter.com/R6J7Ew3hLB

— blogTO (@blogTO) April 7, 2022

And it’s kind of a perfect metaphor for the pandemic, if you think about it.

How many times in the last two years or more have you made plans only to kick the can and not see your best friend for another six months while you’re vegning on the couch in sweatpants and no more shows? I’m sure at least a few hands will be raised in the audience.

This ring has weathered 5 waves of a pandemic here and entered a 6th. Earn a spot in Basketball HOF @DGreen_14 #WeTheNorth

— Easy-E (@T_Dot_Sportz) April 7, 2022

And how many have been making plans to collect their NBA championship ring for 1,030 days? Just a hand, it seems: a big hand that’s only going to get a lot heavier once blessed with this third piece of overdue jewelry.

After 1,030 days, the Covid-19 pandemic and injuries, Danny Green will finally accept his 2019 Raptors Championship ring in front of the fans tonight in Toronto 🏆

Green has been on three teams, traded twice and won another championship in that span!

— NBA Buzz (@OfficialNBABuzz) April 7, 2022

The statistics above speak for themselves. Green has waited far too long for his big moment with Toronto fans, and circumstances have finally adjusted for his ring ceremony in Toronto.

I heard he insisted on getting it in front of the Raptors fans and the schedule never worked out with the trades, the pandemic, etc.

— Coffee & Strawberries (@susan_yu) April 7, 2022

Fans and the few remaining Raptors teammates from that golden year will be over the moon to savor the moment, although one of Green’s still ringless, aging Superstar teammates may not be as enthusiastic about the celebration.

Harden has to watch Danny Green get a ring in front of him 💀

— 1ooOo 🌧 (@ay0al3k) April 7, 2022

Green only played 80 games in a Raptors uniform, but his energy on and off the court endeared him to fans across the country.

Even after his departure from Toronto was confirmed, Green lingered in town, visiting clubs and attending events well into the post-Championship off-season, to the delight of adoring fans.