Father-Son Duo Built Multimillion Design Firm With DEI Support

Design office, DEI Efforts

by Nahlah Abdur-Rahman

Her company, Space Continuum LLC, has helped high-profile clients such as Honda and Ford.

John and Joshua Johnson are father and son owners of the multi-million dollar design firm Space Continuum. DEI initiatives helped make their venture a success.

John founded the company in 2016 after years in corporate America, establishing Space Continuum LLC as a contract furniture and interior design dealer. He shared with AfroTech how DEI led to the creation of his own company when companies sought to achieve diversity goals and began using his services.

“A lot of corporate clients said, 'Listen, we have initiatives that we need to meet, and we're asking, 'How can you help us meet these specific initiatives?' Because I was already in the market and because of my history and experience, everyone knew about me. So they approached me and asked if I would consider becoming a MillerKnoll dealer, which I did,” John told the news outlet.

When he moved to his own dealership, John brought in his son Joshua to help him run it. Joshua's background in technology and marketing has helped the team remain an important Black-owned business in the sector. John intends for Joshua to take over when he retires.

“I worked in the furniture industry. I know how to process goals… and of course, like my dad said, there aren't many of us in this environment, so we're pretty much a fly on the wall,” said Joshua, who works as vice president of business development. “From a legacy standpoint, I was familiar with the business when he asked me to come back. I saw different ventures that we could get into and grow the company and continue to build on its success.”

DEI initiatives were critical to getting Space Continuum off the ground. His well-known customers include Honda, Ford and Harrah's Casino. Building a relationship with these long-established companies has helped the duo become a respected player in this industry.

“This is an area where DEI is very important for entrepreneurs,” Joshua said. “We understand that racism is widespread in companies and also in the government or the people they work with. There is nothing we can continue to cover up, which is why DEI is so important as we showcase our certifications along with our skills and past successes to demonstrate our ability to deliver on these contracts.”

Space Continuum also expanded its services to customers, including viewing designs through virtual reality and selling electric vehicle charging stations. Their continued work and expansion underscore the importance of DEI in expanding a minority presence in various industries.

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