Floozie Cookies Targets U.S., Canada for Vegan Treat Expansion | Franchise News

Floozie Cookies Targets U.S., Canada for Vegan Treat Expansion | Franchise News

Floozie Cookies, a London-based vegan filled cookie concept, is looking to enter the US market with the help of Oakscale and TGP International.

Filled vegan cookie concept Floozie Cookies is set to travel across the Atlantic from London as part of its new expansion plans for the United States and Canada. With the help of franchise developer Oakscale and in partnership with hospitality agency TGP International, founder Kimberly Lin aims to break into these large biscuit markets.

A professional pastry chef since 2007, Lin has worked in various restaurants and although she loved the variety of desserts she created, cookies kept her mind on things. “I’ve worked the spectrum from restaurants with literally barefoot surf shacks to five-star luxury-deluxe restaurants, and the amount of work you put in is amazing,” she said. “I’ve noticed that while a small cake is very technical and crafty, I think eating a cookie can give you as much pleasure as that small cake, and maybe more.”


Floozie Cookies filled cookies have fillings such as chocolate ganache, caramel or jam.

While London has a large vegan market, Lin noted that there weren’t many places offering an indulgent cookie. Often the cookies had other dietary restrictions (e.g. low sugar or gluten free) and the flavors were reflected.

“Everything just tasted like sticks and dirt,” Lin said. “You couldn’t find a really nice cookie that was just a cookie, even if it was plant-based.”

In collaboration with Simon Wright, the founder of TGP International, Lin opened her first Floozie Cookies pop-up in Covent Garden, London, a shopping and entertainment district, in September 2020. As Floozie saw more success, Lin began opening more pop-ups and eventually a permanent location in Covent Garden. TGP has also opened a location in Dubai and one is in the works for Cairo, Egypt.

Although only two locations are open, Lin and the Oakscale team are looking to break into the North American market.

“The cookie market in the US is absolutely huge. I mean, there are cookie wars,” Lin said. “It’s a hot time to go to market.”

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Oakscale came into play when Ryan Durishin, vice president of development and previously at TGP, brought knowledge of the company. When he was at TGP, Durishin focused on bringing brands to the US, so “it seems like a natural brand to bring from your portfolio,” he said.

Oakscale, which also conducts franchise development for Dogdrop, PetWellClinic and Xpresso Delight, will focus its efforts in the US while TGP will seek greater international expansion.

To increase brand awareness and attract potential franchisees, the marketing strategy will emphasize what makes Floozie Cookies unique: the filled cookies with fillings such as chocolate ganache, caramel or jam, and changing seasonal flavors.

“We think the focus on the vegan product and also on the demographics is key,” Durishin said. “We’re not overly concerned about Floozie being vegan, just that everyone can enjoy it.”

Kimberly Lin-Floozie Cookies.jpg

As the founder of Floozie Cookies, Kimberly Lin is excited to bring her concept to the North American market. Her favorite cookie is Cinnamon Crunch.

Target markets include California, New York and Oregon in the US, as well as Toronto and Lin’s native Vancouver. The stores can have a small footprint — about 1,000 square feet — and the initial investment range for a single store is $195,000 to $464,000.

“I imagine we may not target Central America right away, but you never know,” Lin said. “We go where the demand is.”

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