Local Iranian-Canadian community calls upon U.S. for help

Local Iranian-Canadian community calls upon U.S. for help

Solidarity with Iran, a local Iranian-Canadian group, has been organizing weekly protests alongside worldwide demonstrations for nearly two months following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

Amini was allegedly arrested for defying Iran’s dress code and later died in police custody.

On Thursday, the community delivered a letter to the US consulate asking for help in releasing political prisoners in Iran, but the meeting did not go as planned.

The group had hoped to speak with US Consul General D. Brent Hardt in Vancouver, but instead a department representative took the letter on his behalf.

“You should be here. They should support the people of Iran,” said Mostafa Saber, a member of the organization.

“They don’t show up. What are you doing USA?” he added.

Visibly disappointed and frustrated, the group cried passionately outside the US Consulate’s office in Vancouver.

“Boycott of the Islamic regime in Iran. Throw them out of the UN… They are not representative of the people of Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran is the murder of the Iranian people,” Saber said.

“I don’t care how long. I want to stay hours, days, years because my country deserves to be free,” said Naghmeh Mansuri, another Solidarity with Iran member.

For weeks, the group watches chaos and violence erupt at home, and they say enough is enough.

Last weekend, thousands of people formed a human chain across Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge to show solidarity with the citizens of Iran.

“As long as the revolution for women, life and freedom takes place in Iran, we don’t care about rain and snow, we will be on the streets,” said Iranian-Canadian Yassaman Bayani.

According to the United Nations, up to 14,000 people have been arrested during protests in Iran since September and almost 300 people have died.

The group said those jailed include journalists, activists and other influential figures, including dissident rapper Toomaj Salehi.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton supports the move, telling CNN on Thursday that global pressure will have an impact.

“We must do everything we can to speak up, speak out, stand with the young women and keep the media reporting,” she said.

Meanwhile, Iranian-Canadians in the region hope to set up another meeting with the US consulate soon.

They say there are no plans to stop their fight to end the Islamic regime in Iran.