Michael Guta Named Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends

Michael Guta Named Assistant Editor at Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is proud to announce that Mike Guta has accepted a promotion to Associate Editor.

The promotion of Guta is part of Small Business Trends’ investment in the future and expansion of its editorial staff. Guta has worked with the publication since June 2015, when he began writing articles for the site. Since then he has assisted with images and SEO and leads the Ethiopia team while participating in the evergreen process.

“Nobody deserves this promotion and recognition more than Mike,” says Small Business Trends Editor Joshua Sophy. “He’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met, in person or virtually. And he is an invaluable member of the leadership of our amazing editorial team.”

Prior to working at Small Business Trends, Guta earned a degree in Communications Technologies before working with various NGOs on infrastructure implementation in Ethiopia. He later worked as a writer and editor for the English-language local newspaper The Sub-Saharan Informer. Guta has also written content for several companies in the technology sector, as well as websites like TMCNET dedicated to communications and technology.

In his new role, Guta will provide indirect support to the site’s publisher while also managing Small Business Trends’ international office in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia. Guta says he’s excited to be part of the editorial team and process responsible for creating new content for Small Business Trends readers.

Guta says he plans to “keep improving and learning new skills to continue expanding SBT’s reach to millions of small business owners around the world.” He also looks forward to “presenting new solutions, technologies and financial opportunities that small business owners can take advantage of in a rapidly evolving ecosystem.”

New roles for two more members of the Ethiopian team

In addition to Guta’s promotion, two other members of the Ethiopian team have assumed new roles and titles.

Samson Haileyesus was promoted to Senior Staff Writer. And Elias G/Michael has been promoted to the titles of Editorial Technician and SEO Specialist.

Both Samson and Elias are key members of the Small Business Trends editorial team and will be more involved in the editorial process with their promotions. With their future success, Small Business Trends will continue to grow.

“I’m always impressed to see our team in action in Ethiopia,” says Sophy. “Like Mike, Samson and Elias deserve their promotions. Samson is the definition of a professional writer. And Elias’ ambition and motivation are second to none. Our growth is not possible without this amazing team and I am thrilled that they have accepted these new roles with increased responsibilities.”

Guta also points to the positive growth of Small Business Trends when identifying the opportunities that have been presented to him.

“I really appreciate the growth opportunities that SBT offers. You are on a continuous path of growth and learning. There is a system at SBT that both offers new opportunities and encourages people to learn and take full advantage of those opportunities,” he says.

About small business trends

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