Nick Cannon Admits to Wanting Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Back on Latest Song ‘Alone’

Nick Cannon Admits to Wanting Ex-Wife Mariah Carey Back on Latest Song 'Alone'

All-rounder as an entertainer Nick Cannon has been in the news a lot lately for his penchant for getting women pregnant with another child on the go.

With the release of a new song on Valentine’s Day, it’s obvious he hasn’t found love yet as he sings about wanting his ex-wife Mariah Carey back on track.

Cannon posted a clip of the new song on his Instagram page, in which he screams for love and in the song says he’s alone.

This is for everyone else who is #ALLONE on Valentine’s Day… I had to come from the heart on this Raw. #Broken #Shattered #Toxic #RAW&B #Alone”

Cannon uses a sample from a Mariah record as the background for this latest song. The song is taken from Mariah’s 1990 self-titled debut album and Cannon admits he has feelings for his ex.

“I say I’m cool knowing I miss it / I’d trade anything for the case / If I could have you back / If I could go back to where we started / As much as I want you back / It.” is probably better where you are.”

The single is actually the first song from Cannon’s upcoming project entitled Raw NB The Explicit Tape. It will have 12 new tracks to be released this week on February 18th. It will have artists as shown K Michelle, brandyand even Mariah Carey.

“Being someone so controversial, always on the blogs and the tabloids every day, I thought, ‘Let me continue to use music as a therapeutic tool to speak my truth and share what I’m going through.’ When people are going through some of the more challenging times in their lives, that’s when they make the best music,” he said.

After upsetting several of his baby’s mothers after revealing the impending birth of another child, Cannon vowed to do better and be more understanding and compassionate to the mothers of all his children.

After this latest song we will see how this will end.