Post-Port Sentinel | UrbanToronto

Post-Port Sentinel | UrbanToronto

Just east of the harbor, Toronto’s Port Lands are undergoing a major transformation. As much of its industrial land en route becomes residential and recreational, the Polson Slip, where sea freighters used to dock to unload their cargo, loses its original dock wall in favor of a naturally curvier shoreline. One of the port’s former landmarks will remain a prominent feature of the new Promontory Park that will occupy the site – the 300-ton Atlas Crane, built in 1961, which towers over the surrounding area. In this recent image by ADRM, a contributor to the UrbanToronto Forum, captured of the new Cherry Street Bridge, the Atlas Crane, like a sentinel tasked with guarding the area, creates its own local skyline in front of Downtown Toronto’s more iconic skyline .

Image by ADRM, contributor to the UrbanToronto Forum

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