Restaurant chain known for its pancakes hit with 7 infractions from Toronto health inspectors

fuwa fuwa toronto

A restaurant chain known for its super fluffy pancakes has been arrested by Toronto health inspectors on a total of seven violations.

A brunch favorite on Instagram, Fuwa Fuwa serves Japanese-style souffle pancakes in a variety of styles.

They have multiple locations around the city, but it was their 408 Bloor St. W. location that received a seven-violation conditional pass for an inspection on Feb. 6.

Of the seven violations, two were serious, two were significant and two were minor.

The two key violations involved storing “potentially hazardous food at an internal temperature between 4°C and 60°C” and failing to protect food from contamination or adulteration.

A major violation was failure to provide a thermometer in refrigeration equipment and the measure was a request for compliance, but another for disinfecting utensils in a chlorine solution with less than 10ppm available chlorine was corrected during the inspection.

The minor violations concerned the uncleanliness of the floors in the food processing room and the food processor’s outerwear; The latter also corrected during the inspection.

There was also another infraction for a grocer or supervisor not being present for full hours of operation.

The list of violations listed on the DineSafe website.

Since Fuwa Fuwa received only a conditional pass for these violations, they can remain open while they work to resolve these issues.