Senators Count on Coronavirus Stimulus Invoice This Week, However With out Checks

Senators Expect Coronavirus Stimulus Bill This Week, But Without Checks

With only three weeks left to the end of the year, we finally seem to see an economic stimulus package. The next coronavirus stimulus package, which may not include reviews, could be released earlier this week.

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December 7, 2020 3 min read

This story originally appeared on ValueWalk

Despite months of negotiations, the legislature was unable to work out an economic stimulus package. Now that there are only three weeks left to the end of the year, we finally seem to be seeing a package. A non-partisan group of senators said Sunday that details of the next coronavirus stimulus package, which may not include controls, could be revealed earlier this week.

New proposal comes this week

On Sunday, Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner told CNN that they were close to reaching an agreement and the proposal could come this week, possibly Monday. Warner is part of the non-partisan group of senators who first unveiled the plan earlier this month.

“I think we’ve got the top-line numbers. We’re currently working on the language so that we can have a law tomorrow,” he said.

Warner also said it would be a four-month emergency aid package costing approximately $ 908 billion. It is currently unclear whether or not Congress will vote on such a package. This is because both Democrats and Republicans have different needs for the stimulus package.

Republicans are in favor of a targeted aid package that costs about $ 500 billion, while Democrats want a larger package that costs about $ 2.2 trillion. However, Warner told CNN that he had “fairly high certainty” that the proposal would get enough votes.

Warner spoke about what the bill would include and said it would include unemployment benefits, rent benefits, food insecure aid, funds for small businesses and minority businesses.

“We have finally provided additional support for broadband, which we all know is an academic necessity and extra dollars for vaccine distribution. Support for hospitals,” he said.

However, that bill doesn’t include the highly anticipated $ 1,200 stimulus checks.

Coronavirus Stimulus Checks: What Are Senators Saying?

Other senators also discussed a bill coming out this week. Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy told Fox News that the final language of the bill “would likely come out earlier this week – earlier this week.”

Senator Joe Manchin made similar comments on Sunday, saying that a deal could come this week. “Well, it’s a deal that has to come together. We have no choice now. It’s one of those things that needs to be done,” Manchin told NBC.

Cassidy also spoke about the lack of stimulus check, saying such a concession was necessary to get Conservative support in Congress. Cassidy assured, however, that there may still be stimulus checks, “but that would be part of another law.”

Some legislators, on the other hand, support stimulus checks. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, MP, tweeted Thursday in favor of the checks. “COVID aid has to help everyday people directly. People need stimulus checks and UI, “she tweeted.

Senator Josh Hawley also said he would not support a package without stimulus checks.