This Language Learning App has 14 Options and a Lifetime Subscription is $199.99

This Language Learning App has 14 Options and a Lifetime Subscription is $199.99

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According to recent Forbes estimates, 13% of people in the United States speak Spanish at home. If you don’t have people on your team who speak other common languages, you may be missing out on profitable relationships.

Learning a language can be challenging, but formal courses are not a requirement. Instead, you could start learning with Babbel, a language learning app with 14 different languages ​​and a lifetime subscription for $199.99.

Learn Spanish, French, Italian and more.

Expand your company’s audience by giving yourself or your team members the tools to learn new languages ​​at your leisure. Babbel offers beginner to advanced lessons in 14 different languages, including Spanish, German, Swedish, Indonesian, Danish, Russian and more.

There are several ways to learn a new language with Babbel. By taking a quiet moment between meetings, you can work on expanding your vocabulary on topics like business, family, food, and travel. In a quiet moment in the office, you can even practice your pronunciation using speech recognition technology.

If you don’t know the language, it can be difficult to remember it, but Babbel has a tool for that too. Benefit from personalized review sessions that can help you retain what you’ve already learned.

If you’re investing in tools that you’ll use for years, make sure they’re the right ones for you. Babbel is a trusted language learning resource with over 10 million users worldwide, 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.6 stars on the App Store. And you can use it on an unlimited number of devices. Learn German on your PC and Norwegian on your iPad Pro.

Learn a new language on your own schedule.

Make sure you can talk to almost any potential customer, partner or client.

Get a lifetime subscription to Babbel Language Learning (all languages) for $199.99.

Prices subject to change.