TikTok and Pinterest are hiring for some very high-paying Toronto jobs

TikTok and Pinterest are hiring for some very high-paying Toronto jobs

There are tons of very good paying jobs in Toronto currently being offered by everyone’s favorite social media channels. Tiktok and Pinterest.

If you have experience in model or web development, machine learning or software development, sales, marketing, public policy, or customer relations, check out these job openings.

There are five pretty awesome jobs available at TikTok, including Industry Director, Public Policy Manager, Content Solutions Associate, Brand Partnerships Manager, and Client Solutions Manager.

Most of the jobs at TikTok are related to customer relationships or a legal environment and are all based in Toronto.

According to Glassdoor, TikTok offers health, dental and vision safety, and mental health care, as well as the opportunity to work right here in Liberty Village in the old VICE offices on one of the most popular social media channels in the world.

There are also three jobs at Pinterest including ML engineer, full stack software engineer and backend software engineer.

These positions allow you to join a team of over 1,200 engineers around the world including San Francisco, Dublin and Seattle from the Pinterest office on Richmond Street.

According to Pinterest, job perks include flexible and generous holidays, worldwide paid year-end vacations, comprehensive mental and physical health benefits, retirement plans, fitness programs, rebates, and other great perks.

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Emily Giglio. The photo shows the TikTok office in Los Angeles.