Traffic around Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway is about to get a whole lot worse

Traffic around Toronto's Gardiner Expressway is about to get a whole lot worse

The chaos caused by the partial closure of the Gardiner Expressway was as bad as anyone expected, and it will likely get worse due to the City of Toronto's upcoming road construction work in the area.

While the thoroughfare will remain narrowed to one lane in each direction for the next three years, lengthy construction work to make necessary repairs on the York Street ramp will begin next month, and residents are already dreading it.

The rehabilitation work will last from June 2024 to “early” 2025 and will take place Monday to Saturday (excluding holidays) during the day and sometimes at night. During the work, lanes will be narrowed everywhere and occasionally closed.

You thought westbound traffic downtown was bad? Well, it gets worse
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The city writes in a new pre-construction notice that “the majority of construction will be completed with lanes open,” but adds that “while the ramp will remain open for the majority of construction, work will require a full weekend closure and several overnight closures.”

It also states that road users should expect delays and heavier traffic than usual around the site.

Toronto is probably the world capital of road closures.

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Other roadworks in and around the city will also impact commuter traffic in the coming months, including on sections of Highway 401 that will last until at least the end of 2025.