Trans pupil requested not use boys washroom in Toronto faculty

Trans student asked not use boys washroom in Toronto school

The Toronto District School Board says it is investigating after video emerged from a hall monitor telling a trans student not to use the boys’ washroom.

The video starts with the monitor in the hallway asking the student if he identifies himself as a man, the student answers “yes” and the monitor says, “That’s why you should use the gender-neutral washroom.”

One of the students in the video, Cal, says they were stopped by a monitor in the hallway, Dino, as they exited the boys’ bathroom.

“… first he asked Ezra (who is trans) why he used the boys’ bathroom,” says Cal. “Erza told Dino that he feels most comfortable there.”

Dino told Ezra to use the gender-neutral toilet instead of the boys’ toilet.

“But he gave no explanation for it.”

Ezra stated that he did not want to use the gender neutral toilet and would much rather use the boys toilet.

“Dino has maintained his position that Ezra is not allowed to use the boys toilet.”

In the video, Erza says, “I’m not gender neutral.”

The monitor says, “You think you’re a boy,” and Erza replies, “I don’t consider myself a boy – I’m not a girl.”

Another student asks if the hallway monitor would prevent any other boy from using the boys toilet. Of course he doesn’t say.

“I know you may be confused, but that’s how we delegate here,” says Dino.

The monitor says that Erza can speak to the deputy headmaster.

In a statement, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) said that the incident is currently under investigation and that they cannot provide specific details.

However, they have clarified the TDSB’s accommodation policies for transgender and gender-disregarding students and staff.

The guidelines state: “All staff and students have a right to safe toilets and the right to use a washroom that best suits their gender identity, regardless of their gender assigned at birth.”

“If possible, schools will also provide an easily accessible washroom for all genders that can be used by any student or employee who wants more privacy, regardless of the underlying reason.”

Cal says the setting of this particular hall monitor is harmful.

“Forcing a transsexual student out of the bathroom of his choice, regardless of the bathroom, is harmful and will not be tolerated in a school setting.

Schools officials recognize that sometimes they need to remind their staff of their training on our best practices regarding placement policies for transgender and gender-disagreed students and staff.