Upgrade your pet’s wellness journey at this can’t-miss dog and cat caravan in Ontario

IAMS Pet Caravan

If you own a pet, you know that your top priority is to make sure your beloved furry friend lives the best life possible.

The pet care experts at IAMS™ ​​are here for you. They understand how important a pet's health is to their well-being and share the joy you feel when they're doing well. That's why the IAMS FOR LIFE™ Caravan is back for another year – and this edition promises to be even bigger and better than ever.

From Saturday, May 18 to Monday, June 24, the caravan will visit more than 20 locations across Ontario, educating pet owners about the critical role wellness plays in the lives of their pets.

Free pet service at every stop

Regular grooming not only keeps your pet's coat shiny and tangle-free – it also keeps your pet comfortable and helps pet owners identify possible underlying diseases.

At each IAMS FOR LIFE Caravan stop, a professional pet groomer is available to provide free basic grooming services for dogs and cats. Services include nail trimming, ear cleaning, paw pad and face shaving, and a simple blow-dry to ensure your pet gets the treatment they deserve.

Visitors should note that these sessions are not full grooming sessions and may last 10 to 30 minutes depending on the pet.

The caravan also features a dog run area so your dog gets daily exercise, the opportunity to have a photo taken of you and your pet on the photo wall, and a wheel of fortune where you can win some paw-tippingly fantastic treats to take home!

New pet podcast with expert tips

The IAMS brand goes beyond nutrition and puts health at the heart of everything it does. This summer, it's going a step further to share that passion with pet owners by hosting a series of exciting IAMS PetTalks at various festival weekends across Ontario.

IAMS Pet Caravan

Renowned dog and cat experts will share their knowledge on a range of pet health topics, from the importance of routine grooming to ensuring your pet has a balanced diet. You'll even have the opportunity to chat with the speakers after the talks.

Can't make it to IAMS' live PetTalks? Don't worry. The recordings will be released as 15- to 30-minute podcast episodes on Spotify afterwards – perfect for listening while you walk your dog or enjoy a play session with your cat.

Don't miss this great opportunity to improve your pet's wellbeing! Check out the IAMS For Life Caravan tour dates or book a grooming appointment here.

IAMS FOR LIFE Caravan Ontario