UrbanToronto Year-End Poll: Vote On The Best Buildings of 2022 presented by MEP DESIGN: Landscape Architects

UrbanToronto Year-End Poll: Vote On The Best Buildings of 2022 presented by MEP DESIGN: Landscape Architects

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It’s that time of year again! After another 365 days of urban building, we’re back with our ninth annual UrbanToronto Year-End Reader Survey. The poll, presented this year by MEP DESIGN: Landscape Architects, is your chance to vote on your favorite new build projects completed in the last 12 months.

We’ve listed 45 Greater Toronto Area projects for you to vote on as the best of 2022, with completions cooling off from last year’s record 72. We only take on projects when we have full photographic confirmation of the building’s condition, so some projects that were completed at the end of 2021 but didn’t have good photos at the time may appear in this year’s list.

Contestants are grouped by height, so you can vote for your favorite in each of the following categories:

  • 6 to 9 floors
  • 10 to 19 floors
  • 20 to 29 floors
  • 30 to 39 floors
  • 40 floors and more

We have a picture for each building, but if you want a more detailed look, just click on the link embedded in the project’s name and you’ll be taken to his forum thread where more photos can be found. From there you can access the database file at the top of the page where you can find more statistics and the associated project’s marketing accounts.

Buildings are generally ranked from shortest to tallest in the survey. There’s a link to the poll at the bottom of this article, but first let’s take a quick look at this year’s qualifying buildings by group to help you decide which ones will take home the crown!

Group: 6 – 9 floors | Entries: 1 – 4

Eight Forty on St. Clair, Amica Pickering, Avenue & Park, Bianca Condominiums

UrbanToronto Year-End Reader Survey: 6-9 Floors, Buildings 1-4

Group: 6 – 9 floors | Entries 5 – 8

Canvas on the Rouge, the Quad dorm, the Massey Hall revitalization, the Orca condos

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 6-9 floors, buildings 5-8

Group: 6 – 9 floors | Entries 8 – 11

The Laundry Rooms, The Shores of Port Credit, The Stack at Bayview

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 6-9 floors, buildings 9-11

Group: 10 – 19 floors | Entries 1 – 4

The Cardiff, The Mackenzie, Waterfront Innovation Centre, Bronte Village

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 10-19 floors, buildings 1-4

Group: 10 – 19 floors | Entries 5 – 8

65 King St East, Waterworks Building Redevelopment, Art on Main Condos, Canary Commons

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 10-19 floors, buildings 5-8

Group: 10 – 19 floors | Entries 5 – 8

Saturday at Downsview Park, Parkland Ajax, East 3220 Condos, Stockyards District Residences

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 10-19 floors, buildings 9-12

Group: 10 – 19 floors | Entries 9 – 11

Ace Hotel, Vita Two by the Lake, TANU

UrbanToronto Year-End Reader Survey: 10-19 Story Buildings 13-15

Group: 20 – 29 floors | Entries 1 – 4

Phoenix, Liberty Market Tower, Bridgewater, Erin Square condominiums

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 20-29 floors, buildings 1-4

Group: 20 – 29 floors | Entries 5 – 8

7 on the Park, 2Fifteen, 75 on the Esplanade, 154 Main St East

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 20-29 floors, buildings 5-8

Group: 30 – 39 floors | Entries 1 – 4

Scotiabank North Tower at Bay Adelaide Centre, Panda Condominiums, The Diamond Condominiums, The Parker

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 30-39 floors, buildings 1-4

Group: 30 – 39 floors | Entries 5 – 7

Azura Condos, Mirabella Condos, Mississauga Square

UrbanToronto Year-End Reader Survey: 30-39 Story Buildings 5-7

Group: 40+ floors | Entries 1 – 4

Cumberland at Yorkville Plaza, TeaHouse 501 Yonge Condominiums, The Gloucester on Yonge, Via Bloor

UrbanToronto Year-End Readers’ Poll: 40+ floors, buildings 1-4

You can vote at this link until 11:59 p.m. on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2023. We will announce the winners in the first week of January.

In the meantime spread the word! The more votes, the better the poll reflects Toronto residents’ views on the city’s development. You don’t have to be an UrbanToronto member to vote. Share your thoughts on this year’s nominees and share the poll on social media using the hashtag #UrbanTorontoPoll. Click this link to take the survey now… and enjoy!

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UrbanToronto has a research service, UrbanToronto Pro, that provides comprehensive data on metro Toronto development projects from concept to completion. We also offer instant reports, downloadable snapshots based on location, and a daily subscription newsletter, New Development Insider, that follows projects from the first application.


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