Vancouver named fourth ‘most picturesque running city’ in Canada – BC News

Vancouver named fourth 'most picturesque running city' in Canada - BC News

4. “most picturesque”

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When it comes to scenic jogging, Vancouver lags behind the nation’s frontrunners.

Calgary took the lead, followed by Ottawa. Toronto was a little behind, Vancouver a lot further behind. The report was compiled by, a website that sells running shoes and related equipment. They turned to Instagram hashtags to make their decision.

“Running photos shared in Vancouver often feature both the ocean and the mountains, with the city offering ample opportunities for those looking to jog,” the site said in a press release.

While many have shared photos from their runs in Vancouver, it fell among other Canadian cities.

“With a staggering 56 million posts using the hashtag #run alone, we were curious to find out which cities post the most running photos on Instagram as a way of inspiration to encourage people to hit the streets and find their own urban step. says Dan Cartner, spokesman for the site.

Calgary took first place with nearly 27,000 images tagged #RunCalgary; Ottawa was just behind with over 26,100 tagged #RunOttawa. Following this pattern, Toronto had almost 23,000 while Vancouver had just over 14,000. Calgary and Ottawa’s numbers were good enough to place in the top 10 worldwide.

“Based on these factors, Calgary is ranked the best running city in Canada and the ninth best running city in the world,” the press release reads.

Around 600 cities were looked at; Vancouver ranked 20th in the world. London, England took the top spot with over 96,000 hashtags.