What Ryan Serhant Taught Me About “Large Cash Power”

What Ryan Serhant Taught Me About "Big Money Energy"

December 8, 2020 6 min read

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“When things slow down, it goes fast. When things get faster, you slow down, ”says Ryan Serhant as we sat on opposite ends of the Zoom-linked country.

At an Airbnb in Arizona, I’m impressed and honored to have the opportunity to interview someone who inspired me and made me laugh on TV, YouTube, on stage, and in their book, Sell It Like Serhant.

Serhant sits quietly at the other end of the screen, not at all nervous about meeting me as he explains in detail what he’s done to stay mentally strong over the past year. “It’s like future films where roses grow out of concrete,” he says. “The improbable begins when humanity gets out of the way.”

I tell him he’s like a rose growing out of the concrete. He laughs. Serhant wrote a new book, started his own brokerage, and resumed filming for Million Dollar Listing New York this year.

That’s far more productive than many people this year. So I ask him: How do you get motivated every day? Here’s what he taught me:

Control what you can control

“Having a routine is very important to me,” he says. “I develop a routine and make it a habit because, in my experience, healthy habits lead to success. Routines that became a habit helped me keep going even when I could have taken some time off. A routine provides a discipline for the day, and I think that’s what set me apart from other real estate agents and business owners who don’t follow a routine. If everything is wrong around you, you can always drop into your routine to stay on the right path to success. “

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Get an “and”

“Whenever something happens in the market where we stall, we urge our sales reps to use the extra time to find what we call” and “, says Serhant. I am a real estate agent and I play guitar. Or I’m a real estate agent and I write books. For example, Talia, one of our agents, trains blind people to run marathons. This is her ‘and’ that she can tell people when she meets them. It’s something that sets her apart from just being another agent in the field. It helps people remember you. Right now I’m a real estate agent and writer. Extension is a gift, and what we do with it can either make our lives more exciting or keep things just as they are. “

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Go to Big Money Energy

“When I first came to New York, I was nervous about money every month, but in this city you meet people who aren’t,” says Serhant. “I coined these people with the phrase ‘Big Money Energy’. If a successful person isn’t nervous about money every month, I’ve decided they have a lot of money with energy. The day I got my real estate license, I knew that I needed two things to be successful. First I had to know how to sell. This includes knowing the right terms and saying the right things. Second, I had to cultivate a lot of money in energy. There are tons of real estate agents who are overly confident but not the most successful. An agent with a lot of money energy still has great confidence, but they enter the room with a certain mojo. You are very humble with positive energy, the kind of energy that lights a room and makes people feel good. “

In his new book, aptly named Big Money Energy, Serhant will introduce the tools you can use to fake modest confidence until it’s real. “The minute you have confidence in yourself and what you want to do is the minute you start making more money,” he says. “I’m also talking about appreciating yourself.” If you put more emphasis on yourself, you get those raise or end up on that second day because other people appreciate you too. “

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Start your success today

“I’ve noticed that a lot of people wish that 2021 and this year were already over, as if the current year is a tangible thing,” says Serhant. “It’s intangible; time is just an organizational tool that people have created. Time management is a wonderful thing to master. For many people, however, it’s an excuse to wait for the things to start that we should start today.” As you begin to appreciate yourself today, you can begin to manifest your own destiny. When you have a healthy routine, use your extra time and create that infectious energy for yourself with modest confidence and self-worth. You will become successful his. “

So folks, I have gathered the courage to meet the master of the great money energy and I can report that he is humble, kind, and extremely smart. The two biggest lessons I learned from our conversation were to achieve my goals now instead of waiting for January 1st, which is just an arbitrary date, and having my “and”.

I’m a writer and run a publishing company. And I’m on my way to find our next genius for the interview.

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