Wix Announces Integration with Meta for Business Owners

Wix announces integration with Meta

Wix.com introduced new integrations with Meta, allowing business owners to seamlessly connect with their customers across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. This evolution centralizes businesses’ customer interactions from different social platforms into one place – the Wix Inbox.

The integration allows Wix users to link their business accounts directly to their Wix inbox, making it easy to manage all customer communications and interactions in one place. The Wix Inbox was designed to save business owners time while providing the ability to easily build, strengthen, and personalize relationships with their customers.

With the addition of these social integrations, Wix users can now receive all customer messages in a single inbox and respond directly from the Wix dashboard. The integrated messaging experience allows business owners to use their existing resources to expand their communication on these channels, offer product suggestions and coupons, and create automated replies.

Ronny Elkayam, SVP of Mobile, App Market & Strategic Products at Wix, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing business owners with all the tools they need to succeed. “Integrating these top messaging platforms with Wix Inbox will streamline communication and help business owners be more efficient. This direct and fast communication creates trust and will ultimately increase customer loyalty and retention. We look forward to continuing to expand multi-channel communications to help businesses expand and serve more customers.”

Kyle Jenke, Business Messaging Director of Partnerships at Meta, emphasized the need for companies to have a simple and streamlined way to manage customer interactions across the entire customer journey. “We’re excited to be working with Wix on their new Inbox solution, which now integrates with all of Meta’s top messaging platforms.”

Wix Inbox, a CRM messaging tool, allows users to view and reply to messages from various channels including Wix Chat on the Wix website, email, SMS and now WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger business pages. Users can initiate chats with live site visitors, reach out to contacts, and send visitors attachments, coupons, payment requests, and links to products and services. Wix Inbox provides businesses built on Wix with a seamlessly integrated and fully extensible CRM platform to meet their growing needs.

The Wix CRM team is currently working on adding more channels and integrations to the Wix Inbox features, allowing third parties to include more channels in the communication integrations and seamlessly integrate them into a single multi-channel communication inbox.

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Image: Depositphotos