Yet another person has been stabbed in an attack on the TTC in Toronto

Yet another person has been stabbed in an attack on the TTC in Toronto

In a seemingly never-ending story of attacks on the TTC, Toronto Police say a 16-year-old was stabbed to death on a TTC bus in the area of ​​Bloor Street West and Old Mill Trail.

The motive is currently unknown but police say the suspect was last seen on Bloor Street West, described as of medium build, in his 20s, wearing a blue mask and a black jacket with the hood pulled up.

Bloor Street West + Old Mill Tr
– The police are investigating on site
– The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was taken to hospital with serious injuries
– Anyone with information contact @TPS22Div 416-808-2222

— Toronto Police Operations (@TPSOperations) January 25, 2023

According to police, the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

The attack follows another incident early Wednesday morning when Toronto police responded to a call that two TTC employees with a syringe were being pursued at the Dundas subway station.

Just 24 hours earlier, a 20-year-old woman was stabbed to death on a TTC tram in the Spadina and Sussex Ave area. Police have since charged 43-year-old Leah Valdez with attempted murder and multiple gun offenses.

It’s already proven that TTC have little/no intention to increase security and maybe they’ve given up. It’s time for new management.

— Freakazoid! (@FreakazoidReal) January 25, 2023

With the recent attacks and injuries on Toronto’s Transit, drivers are more concerned than ever for their safety on the TTC.

People will get to the point where they’ll start arming themselves when riding the TTC

— Gerry L (@lee_gerry) January 24, 2023

We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but for now, stay safe Toronto.