Anita Baker Angers Fans By Showing Up Two Hours Late

Anita Baker

by Cedric “BIG CED” Thornton

Fans say The Songstress shows up more than two hours late in various cities during the tour

Earlier this year, singer Anita Baker kicked fan favorite Babyface off the tour the two were headlining together. She announced via social media that she was proceeding alone “in the interest of personal safety” after claiming babyface fans were bullying her online. But according to The Atlanta Black Star, some fans at a recent show say that Babyface was never the problem because she was two hours late to her scheduled concert. It was her all along.

At her Nov. 18 show at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex in Greensboro, North Carolina, the crowd showed no “Sweet Love” for the late-arriving R&B singer. Social media posts also said Baker was late and argued with her production team on stage. A user on social media platform X posted videos of the interaction between Baker and the sound team. There are also comments on the post indicating that many users claimed she did this not only in North Carolina but also in various states with the same complaints. People WHO visited The Anita Baker concert in New Jersey in May demanded refunds. Not only did she start her performance late, but since Babyface was the scheduled opener, he did not perform at the “Good Love” singer’s request. This made the fans angry.

I’m really sorry to my fans who were waiting for us to take the stage at @PruCenter tonight. I was asked not to perform in order to give Ms. Baker the space and time to perform her show in full. My band and I are extremely sad that we couldn’t perform…

— Babyface (@babyface) May 11, 2023

The next month, the ever-calm babyface informed his fans that he was no longer touring.

There were even more users who on

She did the same thing at the Hard Rock in Fort Lauderdale…and showed up tipsy 🥴

— G (@Gee1205) November 26, 2023

I thought they said it was Kenneth’s fault? Tuh….

– He likes to call me Peaches (@JerzeeAj) November 26, 2023

She wreaks this havoc in city after city and people still come in to stand up for her. That’s why they do this 💩 over and over again because people enable them and put up with it. Demand better.

— SweetJustice (@JusticeIsSweett) November 26, 2023

The tour ends December 23rd in Oakland.

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