Best Phishing Training Options for You and Your Employees

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One of the best defenses against phishing attacks is training. By teaching your employees to recognize and report phishing attempts, you can help protect your company from hackers. But with so many training options available, how do you choose the right one for your business? We’ve compiled a list of the best phishing training options to help you decide.

What is phishing awareness training?

Phishing Awareness Training is a program that helps employees recognize and avoid phishing emails. These emails are intended to trick employees into clicking on a phishing link or opening an infected file.

Phishing awareness training can help employees stay safe online by teaching them how to:

  • Identify fake emails
  • Protect their passwords
  • Identify social engineering attacks
  • Detect fraudulent websites

Phishing training for employees can also help them understand the risks of sharing personal information online.

Why you should offer employee phishing training

People are often the weakest link in an organization’s cybersecurity posture. Phishing attacks trick employees into revealing confidential information or clicking malicious links, a common method for cybercriminals to gain access to corporate networks.

Because of this, companies need to provide phishing training for employees. Training can help employees recognize phishing emails and protect themselves from falling victim to these attacks.

Aside from training, there are other things organizations can do to protect their networks from phishing attacks, such as: B. Implementing a strict cybersecurity policy and using anti-phishing tools.

But education is key, and companies need to train their employees to avoid cyber risk and stay safe online.

The best security awareness training options

Here are the best options for simulated phishing campaigns and security awareness training programs:


KnowBe4’s Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training (KMSAT) allows you to regularly run tests using real-world examples of malicious emails. You can start by testing how vulnerable your employees are to phishing and then train them.

KMSAT includes a mix of interactive modules, videos and newsletters to educate users. You’ll also get insights into employee performance to assign additional training if needed.

2. Infosec Institute

Infosec Institute Phishing Simulations and Training includes over 1,000 templates for creating simulated campaigns. And this library is regularly updated to simulate current and ongoing attacks.

Infosec allows you to provide personalized anti-phishing training to your employees on autopilot. Once you configure the schedule, users will automatically receive the simulated emails and training videos.

3. Phishing Phishing simulations

Phishing provides interactive cybersecurity training using automated simulations. Train employees to recognize phishing emails and smishing attacks (SMS phishing) with phishing phishing simulations. The knowledge is conveyed through a series of micro-learnings.

It sends AI-driven simulations and reports back the results. The entire process is automated. So you can set it up and forget it.

4. PhishingBox phishing simulator

The PhishingBox simulator uses test phishing attacks to train employees. It offers a variety of templates and landing pages for quick setup.

With PhishingBox Phishing Simulator, you can ensure your employees are fully prepared for an attack. PhishingBox also has a Learning Management System (LMS) to monitor everyone’s progress.

5. Gophish open source phishing framework

Gophish is a phishing framework that you can use to test how vulnerable your business is to phishing. This free tool can design and schedule phishing email templates. And then you can follow the results in near real time.

Unlike other tools, Gophish doesn’t come with a ton of complex features. It’s a minimal and intuitive program designed just for testing.

6. Infosequre phishing simulation

Infosequre has many pre-built scenarios with realistic phishing emails and text messages. You can use Infosequre Phishing Simulation exercises to track the efficiency and presence of mind of your employees. The platform sends custom drills and feedback based on how someone is behaving.

You can use your own dedicated server. This way, nobody outside of your company can access your information, phishing tests and feedback.

7. Point of Proof

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training is key to cyber defense. You can use it to train your team to identify and report phishing messages. It helps make everyone more aware of the cyber threats lurking in the air.

With Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, you can run USB phishing simulations based on real-world threats, receive knowledge and culture assessments, and receive a report that identifies your top clickers.

8. Terranova

Terranova’s phishing simulation uses dynamic content in various formats to engage users. It helps you identify the employees at greatest risk and make them aware of them.

With its simulation, you can create mock phishing attacks to train your employees for D-Day. You can equip them with all the skills to detect and report phishing emails.

9. SafeTitan Plus Phishing Protection

SafeTitan is an advanced real-time training platform. It has multiple templates to fully automate your training campaign. Each user receives personalized training depending on their test answers.

The program uses short game tests to create an interactive and fun environment for employee training. The SafeTitan Plus Phishing Protection content library also offers extensive training resources.

10. Hook safety

Hook Security’s Phishing Training Toolkit is a complete training resource for your most important asset: employees. It uses a series of bite-sized training modules to make learning easier.

Hook’s Phishing Testing makes it easy to set up mock tests for phishing and spear phishing attacks. Employees receive immediate feedback and learn to become more aware of the risks. And you get comprehensive reports to break down details.

What are Phishing Attack Drills?

Phishing attack drills are a type of mock cyberattack in which the attacker attempts to obtain credentials by impersonating a legitimate entity in email or other communication channels. Phishing attack drills or phishing tests are commonly used in employee training simulations of organizations.

How much does phishing training cost?

It depends on the organization. While some smaller businesses may spend as little as $500 or less per year, the average medium-sized business spends around $1,600 per year, and large organizations can spend as much as $50,000 or more.

Multiple phishing awareness training options are available, ranging from online tutorials and self-paced courses to live classroom sessions led by experienced instructors. Organizations should consider their specific needs and select the phishing training program that fits their needs.

Does phishing training work?

Yes. Phishing training certainly works, but it’s critical to ensure phishing awareness training is practical and gives employees the knowledge they need to protect themselves from phishing attacks.

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