Branden and Rayni Williams, Energy Brokers of Beverly Hills

Branden and Rayni Williams, Power Brokers of Beverly Hills

“I met Rayni my first week,” said Mr. Williams. “It was like meeting my best friend – someone who liked the same music, the same style, and had an old-school mindset.” And: “She came from mortgages, knew contracts and I thought if I have to do contracts and such, I will never make it in this business.”

They have different but complementary personalities.

“Branden doesn’t hold people’s hands,” said Mrs. Williams. “He doesn’t think holding hands is efficient. I’m a mom and a woman who is more emotional so I tend to be the spoiler. “

Bruce Makowsky, a developer, called the couple “without a doubt the two best realtors in Los Angeles”. He contracted the Williamses to sell a 12-bedroom Bel Air mansion and bowling alley for $ 250 million in 2017. That made it the most expensive house in America at the time.

“I took a billionaire to buy this house,” Makowsky said. “Unfortunately, it went straight to the market after the president decided to alienate China and Russia.” After three years, the Williamses sold it to a local businessman for $ 94 million, a result that Mr. Makowsky liked quite well given the circumstances. “You are selling the dream of living in California,” he said.

The Williams are “on” to the extent that an occasional observer would assume they must be into something. In fact, Mr. Williams sobered at 29 and Mrs. Williams sobered at 25 after commenting, “You know, you’re a good agent, but you would be really good if you stopped drinking.” She goes to recovery meetings once a week, he goes once a month.

“Every now and then someone will say, ‘What? Come on, ”said Mrs. Williams. “But then they’ll kind of look at us: ‘Wait, you’re having so much fun and not drinking? Branden, you are so crazy and don’t drink? Oh, do you take care of our greatest asset? Yes, stay sober. ‘”