Former Cineplex Head Office Site Proposed for ‘Kryptonite’-Accented Condo

Former Cineplex Head Office Site Proposed for 'Kryptonite'-Accented Condo

Aspen Ridge Homes has submitted zoning amendment applications and site plan approval to the City of Toronto for a proposed 10- to 11-story mixed-use building to be constructed on the site of the former Cineplex headquarters at 1303 Yonge Street.

Location of Yonge 1303 site, image from city filing

Located on the east side of Yonge Street between Jackes Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue East, the land drops considerably here as Yonge Street climbs the ancient shoreline of Glacial Lake Iroquois. The site consists of two buildings that the developer proposes to demolish, one of which is the four-story Cineplex office building.

The Cineplex headquarters on site, image by AlbertC, UT Forum contributor

Designed by BDP Quadrangle, the proposal’s exterior features a two-tone grid of bronze-colored metal plates on the horizontal axis and green, glazed pillars on the vertical axis, with the material practically glowing like kryptonite. The elevation of the site would result in the building height at the south end being 11 stories, while at the north end it would increase to 10 stories.

1303 Yonge Street designed by BDP Quadrangle for Aspen Ridge Homes

The proposal has a gross floor area of ​​20,055 m², of which 15,949 m² is for residential use, 3,885.9 m² for office use and 219 m² for retail use. The resulting total density would be 6.38 times the lot area.

With the slope, a mezzanine level would be below ground at the north end of the building while above ground at the south end of the building, with the upper portion used for office purposes. Retail uses are proposed at the corner of Jackes Avenue and across from Yonge Street. Levels 2 to 10 would be occupied exclusively by residential purposes and the leisure spaces associated with them.

Site map of 1303 Yonge, image from submission to the city

The building is said to contain 102 residential units, all of which would be 3 bedroom units in an unprecedented move. The units on levels 9 and 10 would be two story. A total of 390 m² of indoor functional space is planned on the second floor, bordering on 185 m² of outdoor functional space. Private terraces and balconies are proposed for each of the units.

Balconies in 1303 Yonge, image from the handover to the city

Around 157 car parking spaces are planned on three underground car park levels as well as 141 bicycle parking spaces.

The site is approximately 350 meters south of St Clair tube station on Yonge Line 1, which also provides access to St Clair tram and buses, and a similar distance north of Summerhill tube station . Buses also drive past the site.

More information on this development will follow shortly, but in the meantime you can learn more from our database file for the project, linked below. If you’d like, you can join the conversation in the related project forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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