Indian restaurant gets 9 infractions from Toronto health inspectors

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A popular Indian restaurant chain was faced with multiple violations by health inspectors at one of its Toronto locations last week.

Charminar Indian Cuisine, based at 925 Warden Avenue, received the violations and is one of seven locations owned by the Indian restaurant chain. The restaurant is known for its South Indian and Indochinese specialties, including 30 types of biryanis and a plethora of tandoori platters.

That site received a conditional permit on January 27 after inspectors found nine violations, two of them major, five of them major and two of them minor.

The key violations involved storing “potentially hazardous food at an internal temperature between 4°C and 60°C” and failing to “protect food from contamination or adulteration”.

Serious violations included failure to “clean the surface of equipment when necessary” and “use of utensils that are not non-toxic when in contact with food.”

A full list of violations is available on the DineSafe website.

The full list of violations on DineSafe.

Despite nine breaches, the restaurant received conditional approval from health inspectors and remains open while they begin working on the issues highlighted.