Judge Grants Tiffany Haddish Arbitration Request

The judge rules that Tiffany Haddish's lawsuit should be heard in arbitration

by Cedric “BIG CED” Thornton

The $1 million lawsuit filed by Trizah Morris is being kept confidential.

Tiffany Haddish has scored a small victory in the lawsuit filed against her by her former friend Trizah Morris.

According to Radar Online, Haddish requested that the lawsuit filed by Morris be heard in arbitration because her former friend had signed a nondisclosure agreement and the comedian’s judge granted her request. In an earlier filing, Haddish said Morris allegedly agreed that any disputes would be heard in arbitration rather than in state court. Morris claimed she allegedly signed this agreement under duress after Haddish and her team pressured her to do so.

Morris also stated that Haddish had failed to live up to her part of the original contract, as she was accused of failing to make payments of $100,000 for each breach of the agreement.

Morris’ adult children sued fellow comedian Aries Spears over alleged sexual abuse before settling out of court last year.

According to previously filed documents, Morris said that Haddish developed a close relationship with her and her two children, even citing that the children referred to her as “Aunt Tiff.” Nearly a decade ago, in the summer of 2014, Morris alleged that Haddish “raised and recruited” the then-minor children to “perform, film, record, publish and distribute sexually inappropriate material.” It was a clip Haddish and Spears recorded, but it was removed from YouTube years ago.

Morris says this after the two children completed In the case last September, Haddish and Spears publicly defamed her and claimed she had tried to blackmail the two comedians. In In February, Morris claimed she contacted both comedians’ lawyers and asked them to issue a statement clearing her of the extortion allegations. That didn’t happen.

She stated that she suffered personally, academically, professionally and financially from the comedian’s defamation. According to the lawsuit, she suffered anxiety and mental anguish over the damage done to her reputation.

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