Katt Williams Suggests He May Be Partially To Blame for People Attacking Comedians

Katt Williams Suggests He May Be Partially To Blame for People Attacking Comedians

comic legend Kat Williams believes he is somewhat to blame for people believing attacking comedians is acceptable.

In a recent interview with Ok playerthe 50-year-old comic recalls an altercation in 2018 Lamorris Smithhusband of the former V103 radio personality Wanda. Williams, a guest of the Frank Ski and Wanda ShowShe began exchanging playful insults with the host until they stopped being playful. The back and forth came to a halt as Lamorris entered and they exchanged their own words.

According to Williams, the host’s husband allegedly pointed a gun at him; However, he later retracted his statement.

In hindsight, he says he should have responded in a way that put an end to harassment.

“If we allow for the situation where I spoke to a comedian and we roasted each other – even though I didn’t call her out of her name or do anything demeaning – it was still fine that her 400-pound husband later came out with a gun and try to end my life,” Williams said.

But because he didn’t want to ruin her family by involving authorities, Williams said, “It’s starting to create a culture where it says you can hurt [comedians]. We should be protected. So I haven’t been able to put it adequately, and when things are in the atmosphere and not taken care of, it snowballs.”

That Friday after the next Actor counteracts recent attacks Chris Rock at the Oscars and after David Chappelle at the Hollywood Bowl.

He continued, “So now a comedian is sort of considered deserving or, ‘Oh, well, you said so and so, it doesn’t matter,’ but we don’t have words or a set of words that equate to violence. ”

Comedy’s self-proclaimed “official” goes on to say that freedom of speech is being attacked, not comedy. And right now, the meaning of the First Amendment is ever-changing, suggesting that the Jan. 6 Capitol riots were due to rioters pointing to the Constitution and saying it’s their right.