QuickBooks Apps for Integration for Your Small Enterprise

quickbooks apps for integration

QuickBooks is incredibly popular with small business owners, with an 80% market share and 29 million small business users. As helpful as QuickBooks is, there are many QuickBooks apps available to integrate with the software to make it an even better tool for small business owners. Here are four of the best (in alphabetical order).

Quickbook apps for integration


With Bill.com you can pay your bills and send bills online (anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection). Regardless of which version of QuickBooks you’re using – QuickBooks Online (QBO), Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or QuickBooks Desktop – Bill.com integrates seamlessly with all of them so your payment process is not disrupted.

When Bill.com syncs payments with QuickBooks Online, payments are automatically updated, saving time, reducing errors and speeding up reconciliation. You can streamline and customize your approval workflows and get paid faster with ACH or credit cards. And there are built-in reminders and follow-ups so you never miss a payment.

Invoicing is quick – you can enter invoices by email or simply drag and drop them into Bill.com – and with QuickBooks integration, you only have to enter them once.

Overall, the combination of Bill.com and QuickBooks Online makes your payment processing system efficient and easier to manage. Bill.com communicates directly with QuickBooks so changes – such as a newly created invoice or a payment sent – are updated automatically.

This gives you time to devote yourself to revenue-generating activities.

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Fundbox is an AI-powered financial platform that provides almost instant access to business loans. To apply for a loan, give them some information about your business, connect your accounting software and bank account and you will get a response shortly. Once approved, the funds can be deposited into your account as soon as the next business day.

By integrating with QuickBooks, a simple two-step process is applied. In QuickBooks, click the Download App Now button and Fundbox will automatically connect to QuickBooks Online. Once you’ve reviewed some details about your business, Fundbox will review the information in your QuickBooks account and make a credit decision.

If approved, you can use your credit within QBO. You click the Transactions tab, select Sales, click Prepay, and select an unpaid invoice. A few years ago my company reached out to Fundbox while we were waiting to get paid and the process really was that simple.


TSheets, an employee time tracking and payroll app, was purchased by Intuit a few years ago. So you know that the integration with QuickBooks is going to be smooth. And it’s customizable to suit your specific needs.

The app’s GPS tracking system tracks your employees, regardless of whether they are in the office, remotely or on site. You can use it to move work schedules, generate job expense reports, and manage your employees’ time and pay.

TSheets streamline your administrative work and make paper timesheets superfluous. It links to your QuickBooks account, updates everything automatically, and generates real-time reports.

TSheets features include:

  • GPS tracking of employees
  • Mobile management
  • Planning software
  • Customizable warnings
  • Calculation of overtime
  • stopwatch

TSheets offers the latest technology with timers with face recognition to prevent fraud.


Webgility is an accounting automation platform for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail businesses. The app simplifies the process of making recordings and can be fully integrated with QuickBooks. It helps you manage your inventory and tracks sales tax, fees, income and expenses across all sales channels including Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Etsy.

The app works with different versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online, Enterprise, and POS.

With Webgility you can sync your orders and inventory and get a daily summary. These daily reports are reconciled and include order refunds and cancellations. Calculating sales tax can be a nightmare for small businesses. There are thousands of tax jurisdictions, each with its own set of rules.

With Webgility you get several solutions on one platform. You can view all of your sales channels in one dashboard, track your shipping costs and, according to company information, get an accurate picture of your margins.