Shoring Walls Installed After Excavation is Completed at The Twelve Hundred

Shoring Walls Installed After Excavation is Completed at The Twelve Hundred

Over the past month, excavation at 1200 Dundas Street has been expedited, allowing the shoring process to progress on its own. With the full area of ​​the 1403m2 lot excavated, the foundation for Fieldgate Urban’s 29.3m high condominium development will be the next step in bringing the proposal to life.

Current view of the dig site at 1200 Dundas from Baden Street looking south-west, image by Matias Bessai

The earliest stages of the 8-story project, titled Twelve Hundred, date back to 2017, when Fieldgate first submitted applications to the city for building code amendments and site plan approval. Their proposal was originally designed by TACT Architects but resubmitted in 2019 with a new design by IBI Group that doubled the number of proposed units.

With the help of renowned interior design firm Figure3, IBI’s design hopes to create a total of 115 bright and modern suites that reflect the area’s vibrant nature, but to date there are no interior designs. The design also promises an array of amenities, including private “zoom rooms”, lounge/cowork areas, and a fitness center, while each unit is provided with private amenities in the form of balconies and terraces.

Rendering looking northeast of The Twelve Hundred from Dundas Street, image on file with the City of Toronto

Work on the site, awaiting final permits for the updated site plan, has been active since January when demolition of the beer store that previously stood on the site began. Since the last update, the one-story excavation has been completed and the retaining walls now reach ground level at the northern edge of the site. This subterranean level will accommodate the development’s total of 28 vehicle parking spaces and 116 bicycle parking spaces.

Crew installs the retaining wall on the northern edge of the site, opposite Baden Street, photo by Matias Bessai

The retaining walls on the south front along Dundas Street and the west front along Lakeview Avenue are also approaching ground level in some places, while an excavator is apparently still removing portions of the underpinning from the previous building on the eastern edge of the site.

Excavator trying to break up underpinnings on the eastern wall of the site, image by Matias Bessai

UrbanToronto will continue to track updates for this development, but in the meantime you can learn more from our database file for the project, linked below. If you’d like, you can join the conversation in the associated project forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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