TechSmith Audiate Makes Audio Modifying as Easy as Doc Modifying

Audio Editing

technologyS.mith has announced the introduction of its new audio recorder and editing solution Listen. High quality audio and associated transcriptions coupled with great video are important as they not only make it easier for your viewers to understand what you are trying to convey, they also enjoy the video.

Audiate audio editing tool

The stand-alone program helps users record voiceovers, edit and save recordings without the need for technical expertise. It comes in handy for those working on transcriptions as well as voice overs for their video production, such as Podcasts, Testimonials and more. According to TechS.Mith, Audiate has all the bells and whistles for your audio editing and transcriptions.

What can you do with it

Here’s what you can do with the new Audiate tool:

Record your voice-over

Audiate allows you to record or even import your narration. It is then recorded and automatically transcribed.

Edit audio like text

The software helps users transcribe audio or record audio and then edit the audio with text in a document.

The intuitive software recognizes hesitations and pauses like “um”. and ‘ahs’ in the voice recording and helps you identify where they occur.

It also helps users make corrections such as: B. Resolve reluctance to pause, move text, and move audio with text. This helps avoid breaks, breaks, and pauses in the audio for clear and uninterrupted voice over.

You can also use effects to enhance the sound of your voice. This includes noise reduction, volume adjustments, and more. All of this gives you professional sound for your audio and associated transcription. This gives you the ability to easily sync with your video or graphics.

Save recordings

Once you’ve customized your audio and transcriptions to your heart’s content, you can save the audio as a WAV file format. While the transcription is saved in an SRT file format and exported to your video editor.


Audiate is available for a monthly subscription of $ 29.99 while the annual subscription is $ 299.99. A free version is available for users who want to try Audiate before committing to it. This comes with a seven-day trial version.