Tell Us About Your Bills From a Hurricane or Flood

Tell Us About Your Bills From a Hurricane or Flood

Americans are increasingly struggling with extreme weather disasters. Millions of people have lost power. Many were injured or fell ill. And homes have been destroyed by floods and storms, or badly damaged by wind, water, mold, or other consequences.

We want to tell this story of what happens long after the floods have subsided and examine the long-term costs and consequences of a climate catastrophe. And a powerful way to do that is to look at people’s bills and other documents that detail what they went through.

If you would like to share your experience with a New York Times reporter, please use the form below to show us your expenses related to flooding and hurricanes. We’re particularly interested in hearing from people who have navigated:

  • repair costs at home.

  • medical bills.

  • Insurance claims, such as water damage or car repairs.

  • Government Disaster Relief forms.

  • rent forgiveness.

  • Mold-related bills, insurance claims, or denials.

Not only do we rely on your experiences to inform our stories, we hope to be in touch with you later, possibly with email updates or online meetings.

The Times will not share your information outside of our reporting team or publish any part of your submission without first contacting you. A reporter may contact you to find out more. If you prefer to use a means of communication designed to protect anonymity, you can do so at