The Residences at Bronte Lakeside Offers Abundance of Sustainability Features

The Residences at Bronte Lakeside Offers Abundance of Sustainability Features

On the shores of Bronte Harbor in Oakville, Alliance United Corporation opens The Residences at Bronte Lakeside, a luxury boutique condominium with an abundance of amenities and private rooftop decks overlooking Lake Ontario. Designed by IBI Group, the 203-suite neo-modern condominium will rise over six stories while offering a number of sustainability features, making it one of Oakville’s most progressive green projects.

Private rooftop terraces at Residences at Bronte Lakeside, image courtesy of Alliance

One of the outstanding features of Bronte Lakeside is the green technology that makes it comfortable: TRAK International’s Geo-Exchange system will use the earth’s temperature to heat the building on cold days and cool the building on hot days, and while Geo-Exchange is not only good for the environment, it also guarantees residents a standard monthly bill, rather than a different tariff each month based on usage, such as B. the gas.

The geo-exchange works via pipes laid about 140 meters into the ground beneath the building, with an environmentally friendly fluid flowing through the underground circuit, which circulates in and out of the building via a series of heat pumps, heating or cooling , all Seasons.

Street level of the Residences at Bronte Lakeside, image courtesy of Alliance

The building will also have its own on-site power generation system; As a result, it is self-sufficient and can also be operated during random events such as ice storms or power failures. Bronte Lakeside residents can rest assured that they will never be without power!

To keep the building using as little gas, electricity and water as possible, there are many other forms of sustainable green technology used throughout the building. For residents who drive electric vehicles, pre-wired individual electric car charging stations will be installed in the underground car park, and LED lighting will be used in all suites instead of traditional light bulbs.

Looking east at The Residences at Bronte Lakeside, image courtesy of Alliance

Low-E Argon windows also conserve energy by reducing the amount of heat that is let into the units from the sun, while units are only Energy Star certified.

Tri-Sorter garbage collectors will reduce the amount of garbage generated by sorting waste into trash, recyclable and compostable materials while using water-saving toilets to do this.

The Bronte Lakeside residences are expected to be completed sometime in 2025.

More information on the development is coming soon, but in the meantime you can learn more from our database file for the project, linked below. If you’d like, you can join the conversation in the related project forum thread or leave a comment in the space provided on this page.

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