The Thurgood Marshall Faculty Fund Receives $1.5 Million Funding From Hershey’s

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund Receives $1.5 Million Investment From Hershey's

The Hershey Company just announced that it will invest $ 1.5 million in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF). Hershey plans to set up a scholarship foundation to increase this amount $ 3 million in the next 10 years. The foundation is used for students pursuing a food science degree in TMCF member schools, including public universities that educate underrepresented populations.

This is unprecedented as this is the first time a company has committed to awarding a TMCF scholarship. Most donations to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund normally go to the organization’s general fund.

“Hershey has been proudly associated with TMCF for more than a decade and I am delighted that our Hershey partnership is growing,” he said Alicia Petross, VP Talent Acquisition + Diversity & Inclusion, in a written declaration. “Our goal is to make a meaningful difference to deserving underrepresented students who pursue fulfilling careers in food science.”

“We are very grateful to Hershey for their generous support and dedication to helping our students, especially during these difficult and challenging times,” said Dr. Harry L. Williams, President and CEO of TMCF. “These scholarships enable students in our schools to pursue their passion for studying and earning a degree in food science. This is a welcome investment in our nation’s future. “

The Hershey Company has a $ 100,000 Donate to the Equal Justice Initiative, which is focusing more on its diversity and inclusion priorities. “During this critical time of increased focus on racial and social justice, Hershey has taken steps to review our programs and partnerships and ensure we are doing everything we can to make an impact,” he said Chris Scalia, SVP & CHRO and TMCF board member.

Applications for the Hershey Scholarship are open to all students studying food science at a TMCF partner school. The scholarships offered are awarded to students who are committed to innovation in the food industry.

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