These Profession Paths Had the Most Freelance Listings at FlexJobs Since March

Freelance Listings

The American workforce has seen an increase in freelance work during the pandemic. 36% of workers are now self-employed, up from 2 million since 2019.

Certain professions are more freelance than others.

FlexJobs – Most Freelance Opportunities by Career in 2020

FlexJobs, home of hand-held remote working, has identified the top careers with the most freelance vacancies in its database since the pandemic began.

Computer and IT

Computer and IT jobs are the most in-demand skills businesses need from freelancers. FlexJobs identified everything from computer repair to Internet security job design as having the highest records in its database.

Accounting and finance

Computing and IT were followed by accounting and finance. Freelancers who process financial data, organize records, prepare tax returns and much more are particularly in demand after the pandemic.


Administrative assistants are also in great demand. According to FlexJobs research, virtual administrator assistants are the third most requested category of freelance job openings. Administrative assistants process and prepare communications, manage projects, support executives and support customers, tasks that can all be carried out remotely.

Navigate challenging times with the help of freelancers

2020 has been an uncertain time for many companies, and the uncertainty is likely to continue as we near the New Year. Hiring freelancers can be an effective solution for businesses to get the help they need without hiring full-time employees.

FlexJobs research is important for small businesses as it shows how companies strategically turn to freelancers when faced with economic uncertainty. It shows the professions that prove to be particularly relevant in the freelance environment in order to support companies in coping with these test times. FlexJobs shows which areas of the freelance workforce are most in demand in the business world.

Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, comments: “In the last few months the number of freelance job postings in the FlexJobs database has increased steadily.

“Freelance workers can be of tremendous help in times when a company’s operating budget can be impacted and future earnings seem uncertain. As everyone expands their view of the workplace, we anticipate that freelance jobs will continue to be available and will grow well into 2021, ”added Sutton.

Other career paths that FlexJobs has been the most freelance since March include project management, customer service, and healthcare.

The most sought-after freelance services are those with writing and editing skills. Instructors and trainers who help companies learn and master new concepts are also in great demand in the FlexJobs database. As well as marketing professionals who support companies in creating and maintaining successful marketing campaigns.

HR and Recruiting is the tenth freelance career, followed by accounting and therapy. Graphic design, data entry, and mortgage and real estate professionals have been identified as the leading professionals companies hiring as freelancers in these challenging times.

Freelancers feel optimistic

With the U.S. freelance community thriving, freelancers are optimistic about their employment outlook for 2021. The annual FlexJobs 2020 survey asked 1,200 freelancers how they were feeling. 58% of freelancers said they were optimistic about their future, compared to just 20% who felt pessimistic.

FlexJobs results show that taking smart steps like hiring freelancers can be a sensible approach to ensuring business continuity during difficult times.