Toronto’s hottest fashion show proves the city’s evolving style is anything but boring

Fashion art Toronto 2022

There are hundreds of creatives in the city dedicated to their craft and producing amazing work. And Fashion Art Toronto’s Fall 2022 show showcased an incredible amount of creativity.

For the first time this year, the city’s decade-long runway show hosted a second catwalk to give designers and models more opportunities to show off their skills.

Kicking off last Thursday, attendees were able to see the work of local designers Lesley Hampton, Hendrixroe, Lucia Kinghorn and Zoba Martin.

For Hampton, the legendary Patricia Jaggernauth floated down the runway in a black bodysuit and a semi-sheer coverup.

Kinghorn sent her models down in bold, eye-catching prints like a pink CD jumpsuit, and Hendrixroe showcased classic tailoring remixed on new-age pieces.

Designer Chizoba Udeh-Martin’s Zoba Martin show was full of elegant dresses, sheer materials and glitter.

Udeh Martin’s brand is all about one-offs and custom pieces with a whimsical vibe.

Other Toronto-based designers and lines include Mario Fugnitto, House of Etoile and Monier.

The scene in front of Parkdale Hall, which hosted Fashion Art Toronto 2022.

At these shows, visitors got a glimpse of the season’s hottest trends including mini dresses, feathers, heavyweight knitwear, lace and corsets.

While like other cities like New York or London, one could argue that they offer a specific atmosphere or style that is representative of their city.

But this year’s fall runway showed that there is no one-size-fits-all style, fashion sense or dress code in our city.

Just like Toronto, these hometown creatives have shown that inclusivity is the way to go, creativity is infinite, and all you need to show off your confidence is a killer outfit.