Writer Walter Mosley Talks About The Position Of Id In Writing For New Fiction MasterClass

Walter Mosley

Image via MasterClass

Award-winning author Walter Mosley has a long career as a writer of detective novels such as “Devil In A Blue Dress” and follows one of his most famous characters, Easy Rawlins. He is easily one of the notable and few black writers to dominate the room. Now the author wants to help budding writers hone their craft while teaching the importance of race and representation in storytelling with a brand new workshop.

This week, Mosley and MasterClass unveiled the Author’s new thirteen-hour fiction and storytelling package, ranging from living language and plot structure to Mosley’s writing method that will help you hone your skills and live a creative life as a professional writer.

“During his impressive career, Walter has used writing to shed light on major racist issues and as a vehicle for personal discovery,” said David Rogier, founder and CEO of MasterClass, in a statement BLACK COMPANY. “In his MasterClass, he not only sheds light on the importance of race and representation in fiction, but also helps members remove all barriers to writing their own stories.”

In a telephone interview with HISAccording to Mosley, the importance of representation and identity in storytelling is not just for black writers, but for anyone hoping to write inclusive stories with dynamic characters that feel real to the reader. In October, the National Book Foundation announced that Mosley would be the Lifetime Achievement Awardee.

“Fiction is one of the few things in the modern world where you can make something out of nothing,” Mosley said in the statement. “In my MasterClass I will show you how writing can create a whole new understanding of the world and hopefully give you the confidence to write your own stories.”