You’ll need a special subscription to watch some Blue Jays games this year

You'll need a special subscription to watch some Blue Jays games this year

As has been the case for years, nearly every Toronto Blue Jays game this season will be available on Sportsnet throughout the 2023 season.


As announced this week, at least two Blue Jays games this season will be available exclusively to Apple TV+ subscribers. 2022 marked the debut of Apple’s foray into broadcast baseball, although last year’s games were available for free to anyone with an Apple ID.

Toronto’s matches on Friday, April 21 against the New York Yankees and Friday, May 19 against the Baltimore Orioles will be broadcast on Apple’s paid streaming service.

Sportsnet confirmed in an email that these games are exclusive to Apple TV+, which offers its own season-long broadcast teams with a typical Friday night doubleheader throughout the season.

I think things will change when 20 people watch the apple games this season. In love with the Jays, but I won’t pay $9 for a few games when I can get the other $159

— Blue Jays Express (@BlueJaysExpress) March 23, 2023

However, the radio broadcast for these matches will remain on the Sportsnet radio network as well as the Sportsnet app.

The Apple TV+ MLB schedule after June 30 has yet to be announced, meaning more Blue Jays games could be added to the service’s offering.

Access Blue Jays games on Apple TV+

The Apple TV app can be found on smartphones and tablets, most smart TVs, the Apple TV box, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, the last two generations of Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and web browsers. For more help setting up the Apple TV app, see the full list of available devices or the user guide.

After navigating to the Apple TV app, the Friday Night Baseball page should be available on the first screen. Each game can either be added to your Up Next feature or simply clicked once you are ready to start watching.

Apple TV+ is available for $8.99 (CAD) per month with a seven-day free trial.

For a limited time, eligible customers who purchase and activate a new Apple device can enjoy Apple TV+ free for three months.