In 2021 at Least 25 States Will Improve their Minimal Wage

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The 25 states increase in the minimum wage in 2021 is good / bad news. While it’s great for minimum wage workers, it could be the end of the road for many small businesses.

Some small business owners can afford to pay their employees the new wages, which in some states can go up to $ 15 an hour. And others will either have to downsize or shut down their business if they cannot run their business with fewer people.

Finding the right balance is vital for lawmakers as they seek to provide workers with a living wage without crippling small businesses in their states.

Minimum wage increases in 25 states in 2021 is one of the articles covering issues affecting small businesses in this week’s executive summary. As the New Year starts, you can count on Small Business Trends to keep up with all of the small businesses.

Small Business News for January 1, 2021

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